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Yahoo Auctions Japan Proxy: Process, Time And Price

Yahoo Auction is one the largest online auction website in Japan. There are more than 5 million products sold every day on this site. The items are mostly second-hand. Although they are old products, their quality is quite good. If you want to find a used product at an affordable price, you can buy it at the Yahoo auction. You can freely pay for the products you love. And if you’re the winner, that product belongs to you. So it will be useful to know all about the process, time, and price at Yahoo Auctions Japan Proxy because you will need a proxy service.

What is Yahoo Auction?

Yahoo Auctions Japan Proxy

The Yahoo auction site was opened to compete with eBay auction site in the Japanese market. Afterward, eBay withdrew from this market because it could not compete with Yahoo Auction.

Currently, Yahoo Auction is the largest and most trusted online auction in the land of the rising sun. It can be said, this is where the used goods are gathered. You can find anything you want here such as home appliances, electronics, clothes, even cosmetics. If you can’t find them on Yahoo Auction. You also can’t find them anywhere else in Japan.

The Japanese are known for their carefulness. The tools which are used by them still be good. When they don’t use them, they often resell on e-commerce marketplaces or auction sites. And yahoo auction is one of such e-commerce sites. Therefore you don’t have to worry about product quality. An interesting feature is that you can bid on products here. If you are the winner, you already own a product made in Japan.

Why can’t you buy auction items by yourself when you’re not in Japan?

Registering to buy goods at a yahoo auction is actually quite difficult when you do not live in Japan. To purchase Yahoo Auction products, customers need to have a Yahoo Auction account. This account requires a phone number, a shipping address, and a payment card in Japan. Some Yahoo Auction sellers only accept cash at checkout. This makes it difficult for international customers. So how to buy Yahoo Japan auction when you are NOT IN JAPAN? One suggestion for you is that use the auction proxy service through Ezbuy.

We’ll solve all your bidding problems at Yahoo Auction including your nick to bid, payment, shipping… Even if you don’t have time to follow the entire bidding, as well as making a bid, we will help you do it.

Auction process on Yahoo Auction at Ezbuy

To participate in the Yahoo Japan auction on the Ezbuy.Jp website. Customers need to register for an account and participate in the auction, purchase and pay as follows.

  • Step 1: Access Ezbuy’s website

First, please access the website and choose to log in/register for an account.

Just like any regular online shopping customer. You will need to register for a purchase account.

  • Step 2: Activate the auction function

If you only buy products on Amazon websites, Y! Shopping, or Rakuten, … you don’t need to activate the auction function. Adding goods to the cart and paying immediately is as easy as the way you normally shop online. However, in order to purchase Yahoo Japan auction goods, you need to activate the auction function to be able to participate in the auction. you have to deposit money into your e-wallet of 10,000JPY to activate the auction function.

  • Step 3: Search for products to buy at Yahoo Japan auction

you can search for products in 3 ways below:

* Search on the search bar

If you want to search for a product to buy, let type the product name in English or Japanese in the search bar. Then select “Yahoo Auction” and do a search.

You can also search for products by ID code or original URL link on Yahoo Auction. By copying and pasting in the search bar to get to the desired product page.

* Search by product category

If you do not intend to buy anything specific, search for products by product categories on the left side of the website. These categories are listed according to Yahoo Auction’s product categories, making it easier for you to search.

* Search by URL link

You just need to copy the original link in Yahoo Auction into Ezbuy’s search bar. You will find the right product you want to auction

  • Step 4: Online Auction

Once you have selected the product you want to buy, you can start bidding. An auction is a way in which many buyers bid for a product in each auction. At the end of the session, the highest bidder is the winner and gets the item. An auction is simply a customer choosing a product to buy, then pay the highest possible price (within oneself budget) for that item. Wait until the end of the match to see if you are the winner or not.

  • Step 5: Pay the order to Ezbuy

As mentioned above, if you are the highest bidder then you are the winner of that auction. After becoming a winner you must pay that order to Ezbuy. The system will automatically deduct several points corresponding to the item price and service fee. Then, the item will be shipped to our warehouse within 1-2 days. Then you have to choose the international freight fee and pay the remaining fee such as shipping fee, optional service fee…

Delivery time

A Yahoo Japan auction purchase order will arrive at our address approximately 2 weeks from the time of payment. Fast or slow purchase time depends on the seller’s delivery time, customs clearance conditions, weather,

The fee you can charge

When participating in an auction purchase at Yahoo auction, in addition to the product value you bet, you may incur the following fees:

Cancellation fee

Basically, you can’t cancel a session once you’ve won. However, in case you need to cancel, you have to lose 7% of the value of your order.


Most orders sold on yahoo Auction will be taxable. And this fee you will have to pay. However, there are some shops that do not require paying this additional tax. Therefore, you should read the product description carefully to see if you have to pay this extra tax

Domestic freight fee

Your orders will be sent to our warehouse’s address in Japan for international shipping. There will be a domestic fee for these orders. And you have to pay that fee. The domestic freight fee depends on the distance from the shop to our warehouse‘s address and the weight and size of that package. 

Above is some basic information about the Yahoo auction. You can realize that the bidding at Yahoo Auction is not as complicated as you think. If you use Ezbuy’s auction service, you won’t have to worry about anything. We always try to bring the best for you. Try our service now!



Yahoo Auctions Japan Proxy: Process, Time And Price
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