Yahoo Auction experience
Yahoo Auction

Yahoo Auction experience

Yahoo Japan is like a huge second-hand market with a multitude of rare and exclusive items that you never find in normal stores. Even, seemingly discarded or too old items are sold on Yahoo Japan. This creates an opportunity for consumers to hunt for antiques and save more costs. The following article will share with you the auction experience on Yahoo Japan.

1. Yahoo auction experience

1.1 Interface of Yahoo Auction

Yahoo Auction  is a product of Yahoo Japan group. Emerged in Japan as a method of buying goods by auction online. This e-commerce platform is similar to eBay in the US. However, due to its inability to compete, after eBay withdrew from the Japanese market. Yahoo Auction takes the No. 1 spot in Japan’s e-commerce market. As long as you want to buy second hand in Japan, you will find Yahoo Auction.

At Yahoo Auction, customers can search for used products and consignment goods. From zippo, watches to cameras, fashion, wallet bags, … Products can be auctioned at very preferential starting prices.

1.2. Read the product description carefully before placing a bid:

All products on Yahoo Auction are sold via images. Along with the reputation of the Japanese in business, product images are all real ones. In addition, for each product, the seller will honestly describe its status of use.

Japanese are trustworthy, but not of all shopkeepers are Japanese. And not all Japanese are honest. You should only deal with reputable sellers on Yahoo. These sellers often focus on the long-term reputation of Yahoo Auction. Therefore, the products they sell are exactly what they say.

In addition, goods on Yahoo Auction are almost second-hand. As per Yahoo Auction regulations, there is no return policy for transactions. Customers need to consider carefully before placing a bid.

Yahoo Auction experience


1.3. Evaluate the reputation of the seller:

Vendor reviews on Yahoo Japan are very important. Based on the index on Yahoo, customers can assess the reputation level of the seller. With shops that have successful deals of 500 or more. The rate of good reviews from pre-buyers should be greater than 90%.

However, many new sellers have a small number of deals but good reviews from 99% to 100%. These sellers customers should also consider. Ideally, you should try to read bad reviews, This helps you have an objective view about component of phishing.

2. How to win on Yahoo Auction?

2.1. Place odd bids at Yahoo auction 

You should place odd bids at Yahoo auction instead of even bid such as 5000yen, 11 000yen;… Let’s try odd price to bid. The odd price 01, 11 or 23, 45 depended on you as long as they are in the tens and thousands. 

2.2. Choose less competitive products:

If the product you need is very few users, These products usually only have 1-2 number of bids. For example: golf clubs; water purifiers, wallet bags, accessories, …

2.3. Focus on the last 15 minutes of the game:

Each auction runs from 4-6 days depending on the merchant’s settings. If you really want to buy this product please save them to favorites and note the end time.

The last 15 minutes are very important. You will participate in auction near the end of the session. If the price you pay at that time is still higher than the current price, the odds of winning will be very high. And your budget to buy that product is not exceeded.

In addition, bidding too early can increase product prices. Imagine you paid the max price from the beginning, even that price is hidden. But if there is someone else who also bid max and higher prices in the first place. The price will be pushed higher. 

Above are the Yahoo Auction experiences that Ezbuy want to share with you. To understand more about Yahoo Auctions and how to buy Japanese goods to Vietnam, please contact Ezbuy immediately for support.

Yahoo Auction experience
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