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Top 5 famous Japanese watch brands

Japanese goods have always been highly appreciated by consumers around the world for their quality as well as design. A series of famous watch brands such as Orient, Casio, Seiko,…. has made frames for Japanese watches in the world market. Watches labeled ” Made in Japan” are always customer’s favorite. So, what are the best Japanese watch brands? Let’s explore with Ezbuy right in this article. …


Citizen is the name standing for ” all citizens”. With that message, the Citizen brand wishes to bring a better life both physically and mentally to everyone. Citizen brand was born after Seiko for a long time. However, they are constantly improving in the technological race with Seiko: durability and precision are continuously being upgraded to new levels. The evidence is that citizen’s designs always bring a smooth and light feel when putting on hands,  listening to each rhythmic tick of the watch.

Citizen applies technical methods integrating technologies: accurate measurement, energy-saving, especially Eco-Drive technology using light energy sources. In addition, the parts of Citizen watches are also made up of quality materials such as Sapphire glass, stainless steel 316L, and high-end leather wire.


Top 5 famous Japanese watch brands


Casio a top watch brand in Japan. The familiar brand has been known for its hand-held calculators and high-tensile electronic devices. In addition, Casio is also one of the favorite items of watch lovers around the world. Although the watch was developed a bit late, Casio has launched watch lines suitable for many ages over time. And anyone can use it.

With diverse and multi-style designs, Casio watches bring men courtesy, masculinity and bring women charm, sweetness, youthfulness. …

With the criteria of solving the problem of optimizing price and cost compared to other watch brands, Casio opts for quart operation, which runs entirely on batteries. Casio watches are always considered to be cheaper than the paid price.

Top 5 famous Japanese watch brands


The characteristic of Casio watches is often expressed through unique models: electronic watches – sports watches that always bring to the owners their own personality and style. Sapphire surfaces help to prevent scratches effectively. The strap is made from durable materials with time: rubber, stainless steel, plastic, real leather. In addition, the water-resistance of Casio watches is also rated at number one for excellent water resistance. You can completely wear Casio to go swimming, go to the beach without worrying about soaking or rusting of the watch.



Seiko brand has officially established in 1937. Seiko has produced durable and accurate watches at affordable prices. Unlike Casio, Seiko not only specializes in the Quartz watch lines but also produces mechanical watches.

Seiko watches are diversely designed, high fashion, well invested, and equipped with quality materials. The sapphire and 316L stainless steel surfaces have created durability, extreme scratch, and water resistance.

Top 5 famous Japanese watch brands

Seiko launched both mechanical watches and battery watches. Some products combined Quartz and Automatic, but still offer excellent accuracy. Therefore, Seiko was equally compared to the famous watch brands of Switzerland.


Orient mechanical watches use an in-house movement assembled by Orient based on modern technology. Due to the use of in-house, the products are highly appreciated for their quality and characteristics.

The Quartz Orient watch uses the movement of Epson Seiko (both Orient and Epson are part of the Seiko group). About the Epson movement, it is sure about its great quality and durability.


OP watch stands for Olym Pianus – Olympia Star, is a watch brand with 2 distinct product lines. In particular, Olym Pianus uses Japanese movements according to Japanese standards and Olympia Star uses Swiss movements according to Swiss Movt standards.

As mentioned, OP watches use a few movements from different partners in Japan and Switzerland. However, still paying attention to 2 main models, quartz and automatic.

OP is appreciated for its materials. Because from the segment of more than $200, they make watches with sapphire glass instead of hard glass-like other brands.

Currently, on the market, many stores are selling Japanese watch products at very low prices. Many customers are worried about the quality and origin of these products. So how to buy genuine Japanese watches?

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Top 5 famous Japanese watch brands
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