Top 10 Famous Japanese Fishing Tackle Brands

While most anglers will have their own favorite brand, sometimes changing to a new brand can change the way you go fishing. Let Ezbuy answer some of the questions to make your next trip more enjoyable. Take a look at these 10 best Japanese fishing tackle brands that arise from Japan. They are the most advanced tackle products you can find in the market.

As you go through our list, you will see everything important is included from each brand’s history, how they develop and manufacture their products. Apart from that are their strong suit, signature product line, and website so you know where to look when investigating the brands. When you understand each brand’s unique positioning as well as their commitment to products, you can easily pick out the best brands for your next purchase.

1. Tailwalk


Brand History & Achievement

One of the first brands you can pick if you are into bass fishing. Tailwalk over the years has continuously renewed its brands, offering a solid selection of both rods and reels. You can find Tailwalk representatives and agents across Asia and North America as well as find their products online, buying items through purchasing and package forwarding service.

Tailwalk belongs to the parent company Atec Inc, which was founded in 1977. As they specialize in rods, reels, and tackles, we find them to be an apt choice for anyone who is serious about knowing more about Japan fishing lures.

 Recommended Products

We recommend that you take the Boat Gamer SSD line from TailWalk if you are planning on shopping for a Seabass rod. It is never easy to cast bait reels for the first time, but for us, we feel that this product line is really beginner-friendly and will help any newcomers.

2. Yamaga Blanks

Top 10 famous Japanese fishing tackle brands


Brand History & Achievement

Yamaga Blanks is proud to be a blank producer that does much of their craftsman work in Kumamoto Japan. They design their blanks, roll the carbon blueprint, paint the blank, and ship it all from Japan. They take great pride in producing the goods by hand and in preserving the Japanese tradition of craftsmanship. In the Yamaga blank factory, the product designer and the craftsman influence each other to produce the best product for the fishing enthusiasts. The testing phase is rigorous and each prototype is tested in the wild repeatedly to confirm the real-world performance. Due to the constant real-world testing, Yamaga Blanks keep production in Japan and in-house.

Yamaga Blanks is a great brand if you are considering doing some light tackle fishing in Japan and South Korea. They keep announcing new models of fishing rods for different kinds of fishing. The main selling point among Yamaga Blanks rods is their ability to bend beautifully with amazing precision and detailed calculation from the manufacturer. This makes them our #1 choice for when you need an Ajing fishing rod or an Edging fishing rod.

Our Recommended Products

We recommend you check out Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 74II rod.

This rod is made mostly for light tackle saltwater games. Even though the product description may read it is an Ajing fishing rod, you can also use this for rockfish and cast a light rig since it has wonderful flexibility. 

3. Gary Yamamoto

Brand History & Achievement 

In 1976, Gary Yamamoto moved his entire family to Arizona and bought a campground there. He found the Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits company there in 1983. True to the brand’s promise and the owner’s obsession with quality, Yamamoto soft-plastic lures aim to be the highest quality on the market. The company ships almost 2.5 million baits and has been a key staple for people who want to dabble in the leisure of fishing activities.

As a household name in bass fishing lure, Yamamoto worms has a cult following and rave reviews. If you are planning to try out bass fishing, we recommend you try the Gary Yamamoto worms.

Our Recommended Products

Anybody familiar with bass fishing will have to try out this product. GaryYamamoto 3.5 inches Cut Tail Worm 344 Cinnamon Blue Shad has a proven track record and they are our first line recommendation for anyone who is new to Bass fishing.

4. Xesta

Brand History & Achievement

The #1 brand when it comes to Shore jigging. Xesta specializes in developing metal jigs and lure rods for shore jigging. This method of fishing originated in Japan in medieval times. However, shore jigging has gained worldwide attention and appreciation and has gained a loyal fan base, especially amongst Mediterranean countries

As a frontrunner in Japanese fishing gear, Xesta has a fantastic set of product lines. You can find all kinds of spinning rods in various situations like EGI, heavy shore jig, light shore jig. There are also spinning rods for hard rock fishing, for Ajing, etc.

Our Recommended products

We recommend that you try the Afterburner metal jig. If you are a newbie inshore jigging, you can rely on this foolproof metal jig from Xesta. They are easy to use and have served so many fishing enthusiasts.

5. Ima

Brand History & Achievement

Ima (Ams design) is a Fishing tackle company from Japan that specializes in Sea Bass. They mainly design and develop fishing lures, floating vests, fishing tackle toolboxes, and other merchandise.

Their reputation lies mostly within the domain of saltwater fishing lure, focusing mainly on Sea bass. Within their lineup, “Sasuke” and “Komono” are two prominent Sea Bass sub-brands. You will at least consider these options before if you are a sea bass angler.

Even with just one type of lure, Ima makes sure to include various sizes and colors to make sure that the activity is fun and engaging. This makes anglers highly regard them for their effort. Ams Design has many other fishing tackle products, including tackle boxes, fishing vests, as well as enriched pliers.

Our Recommended Products

Sasuke 120 Rinami is what comes to our mind when we think of Ams Design. The person who thinks up this product must be a genius and this product has been renewed in the past 15 years due to its amazing features. We don’t think the color matters much when it comes to this genre of fishing. What’s truly remarkable is its shape, which provides amazing casting distance, and the wobbling motion it creates which attracts many saltwater targets.

120 Rinami is perfect for those who aim at saltwater targets like sea bass, flatfish, bluefish.

6. EcoGear

Brand History & Achievement

Ecogear Lures are crafted and designed by a reputable fishing tackle company – Marukyu. This company specializes in lures and within Ecogear offering, you can find the hard body and soft body lures that are ideal for various fishing conditions. Of course, since Ecogear is a Japanese brand, they inherit the legacy and know-how of making incredible lures. Their attention to the finest details makes them the go-to choice for all fishing connoisseurs. You can rest assured when placing Ecogear stuff online that they are just simply fish magnets.

Our Recommended Products

Ecogear Grass Minnow is a very well-known soft plastic lure. In fact, it is the default choice for many fishermen due to its unique wiggle motion when dropped into the water. The lures come in many sizes and color variations and can be attached to various types of rigs. Whether you are aiming for light tackle game fish or bigger ones like rockfish, or sea bass, this lure product has got you covered.

7. Yamashita

Brand History & Achievement

Yamashita focuses mostly on lure products including Eging lure, metal jigs, and worms. They are the go-to brand for Eging fishing enthusiasts and they occupy the top position in this space. They are also a top manufacturer in lures and gimmicks in bait fishing. As they develop various products for Eging hobbyists, they also work hard to preserve the environment and life cycle of sea squid. A quick Google search will easily reveal their commitment to this social responsibility.

Our Recommended Products

If you want to start Eging, then Yamashit’s Egi King Q live should be your prime choice for lures. You can find the product in various colors that suit your preference and taste.

8. YGK Yotsuami

Brand History & Achievement

YGK has been refining and designing the best-braided fishing lines for years. However, it is not easy to get a hold of their products since they focus on serving the domestic Japanese market. However, with the advent of the Internet, it has become easier than ever to source the best fishing line of YGK Yotsuani through Japanese buying services and online shops. As YGK focuses mostly on the line amongst the many different types of Japanese fishing tackle goods, they have become a household name in the PE line field. As a staple of the modern fishing industry, we think you should consider this brand when shopping for line

Our Recommended Products

 We recommend the YGK Real Sports G-Soul X8 for any newcomer to the fishing scene. This product is one of the most recommended of its kind in the PE line game. They are strong, robust, and super thin, which also provide a very sensitive and accurate feel to the whole process. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of choice the market has offered, get the X8 for an elegant solution.

9. Kureha

Band history & Achievement

Kureha is a well-known Japan Fishing tackle brand that specializes in fishing lines. They are a pioneer of fluorocarbon material and you can rely on them for various types of fishing line products as they have exceptional expertise in fluorocarbon goods.

The reason why Kureha makes our list is that they are an early player in the fluorocarbon line market. They are also the only manufacturer of fluorocarbon lines in the island nation. The Seaguar brand is the direct fruit of the Kureha Chemical R&D Department. Kureha launched Seaguar in 1971, and it quickly became a favorite amongst anglers of all kinds. The line is produced in Kureha Factory in Iwaki and they remain the only company group that produces fishing lines of this type from raw material in Japan.

Our Recommended Products

Seaguar R18 Fluoro is a top-shelf fluorocarbon line that boasts great strength and flexibility. They are simply the strongest with the best tie strength and great flexibility. Having about 20% more tie strength than other premium lines means R18 is the recommended product for black bass fishing.

10. Usaki Nissin

Brand History & Development

Usaki Nissin is a Japanese manufacturer with a specialization in bait fishing. They produce fishing rods for this old-school kind of fishing and have been doing so since 1948. Even though they have incorporated various types of material during their development like fiberglass, bamboo, carbon, there has always been one constant. They make everything in-house, and they make them in Japan, without relying on suppliers or outsourcing.

Usaki Nissin’s unique selling point is the price-to-performance ratio. The material and features of Usaki Nissin rods always surpass the competition and this makes them stand out positively.

Our Recommended Products

Usaki Nissin’s Fine Mode style is a traditional telescopic fishing pole that can help you do various kinds of small fishing. The poles have a 2WAY system that allows you to put the assembled length in two different settings. If you love fishing for horse mackerel or carp fishing in the river, then we think this telescopic fishing pole is worth a look.


Top 10 Famous Japanese Fishing Tackle Brands
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