Tip to Buy Figures from Japan with High Quality
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Tip to Buy Figures from Japan with High Quality

Are you an anime fan? Imagine if you are can order your favorite anime character right to your doorstep? Or if you could get your hands on a band of characters and enjoy the real-world anime scenes. Well, that is no more your imagination, in this modern age, you can get these anime figures in your palms. Welcome to the world of collecting anime figures.

A well-known interest among anime fans is collecting these anime figures. With such countless various assortments of the figure, and with such countless variations of character figures in numerous designs it is not difficult to store up an amazing assortment.

If you are new and you do not have the idea about what does figure refers to exactly well in simple words a figure is a representation in a 3D dynamic that is made to the resemblance of a person (can be fictional or real) or a thing. Usually, figures are characters from any anime or TV show but you can also find people introducing it as their own toy line.

Top 5 Japanese Websites Selling Figures

In a nutshell, anime is Japanese popular animation with a number of fans worldwide. There are numerous variations of characters that people are fond of. With the growing popularity in a short time, we saw Japanese figures being introduced that let the fans have a collection of their favorite anime characters. If you are also obsessed with anime and you want to dive into the hobby of collecting these figures you can purchase them from Japan figures stores or Japan figure shops. However, if you are looking for an alternate you can also avail of the anime shop online worldwide and buy anime figures online.

There are a lot of queries regarding the sites to buy online anime figures. People have been searching for figures online shops in Japan to get their favorite anime Japanese figures. At Ezbuy you can get your preferred Japanese anime figures online. We have numerous Japan figure stores and shops that deal in figures from Japan ensuring high quality. We are a reliable e-commerce platform providing shopping and auction proxy service from Japan to cater to the requirements of our audience. From Japan figures shops to ordering from Rakuten, Mercari, Amazon, Rakuma, and other such platforms we are an all-inclusive cross border platform serving your needs.

In order to help you out with buying anime figures online, we have drafted a list of the top 5 Japanese websites that are selling figures.

It is one of the largest stores where you can buy online anime figures online. From the best anime figures from Japan to other exclusive products like keychains you can find everything you might want.

Toranoana is another great website to buy online figures from Japan. It deals in a different assortment of products and items including rare anime merchandise.

Among the numerous popular anime and manga figure online shops Japan AmiAmi is one of the popular Japanese sites. They offer a wide range of anime figures and other related items like sundries, plushies, etc.

Booth is an indie marketplace of art that deals in all kinds of interesting and unique merchandise. You can find rare items created by Doujinshi as well.

Most likely Surugaya is the biggest anime and video gaming site in Japan. Numerous collectors love Surugaya because you can regularly discover a recycled rare stock of Japanese figures at amazing costs.

The Steps to Buying Figure On Ezbuy

Tip to Buy Figures from Japan with High Quality

Ezbuy is a service provider for the shopping proxy, it helps foreigners to purchase their favorite products from any of the e-commerce platforms or websites directly in Japan. The steps to buying anime figures from japan via Ezbuy comprise simple steps.

Step 1: Search The Item

You can search the item in two ways firstly, copy and paste the item’s URL on the search bar of Ezbuy or on the Quick order option that you will find on the website. The second option is to find the item through category.

Step 2: Find The Information of the Item in Detail

Ezbuy supports a multilingual interface, it makes it easy for everyone to access and trade even if they are not native Japanese. Furthermore, you can find the information about the product in any language including English. Estimate the shipping fees.

Step 3: Place Order and Pay the First Charge

Once you find your favorite Japanese figure we will move to the payment method process. add your Japanese figure to the cart and continue to move ahead. Once you have added to the cart and tapped continue you will land on the payment platform. select the suitable payment method and pay the first charge of the value of the product.

Step 4: Payment for The Second Charge

Once you are done with the first charge. We wait to receive the item at the warehouse of the Ezbuy from the seller. Once the product arrives we will inform you. At this point, you have to go with selecting the payment mode for the second charge and pay the leftover amount.

Step 5: Delivery and Receiving of the Parcel

Once all the process is settled, within a couple of days you will receive your parcel.

Buying Tips Save Money When Buying Figures from Japan

Tip to Buy Figures from Japan with High Quality

The popularity of the Japanese animation boom has made the collection of anime figures a worldwide practice. People who are interested in anime take this collection of anime figures quite seriously. The major thing that scares the potential anime figure collectors is the high prices and affordability. Therefore, we have three simple tips that can help you save money to buy anime figures online.

  • Locate Japan figure shops and stores that sell the figures at a low price
  • Know the quality you are looking for and consider purchasing second-hand figures it can be a useful compromise
  • While you are looking for the figures from Japan stay composed and keep your mind open.


There are numerous Japanese figure shops online, but most of the Japanese sites require a Japanese address to proceed with the shipping. Therefore, to buy anime figures from Japan you can use Ezbuy offering a simple and reliable shipping procedure ensuring quality and seamless delivery.

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Tip to Buy Figures from Japan with High Quality
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