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Rakuten Japan Proxy: Process to reduce the cost with Ezbuy

When it comes to Japanese goods, people immediately think of good quality products at affordable prices. Japanese products are increasingly gaining the trust of consumers even the most fastidious people. Through e-commerce websites such as Amazon Japan, Yahoo Auctions, Mercari… you can choose for yourself a lot of different types of items. Among these e-commerce sites, it is impossible not to mention the Rakuten website. It is chosen by many consumers. What is Rakuten and Rakuten Japan proxy Service? You can refer to the article below.

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is the largest commercial website in Japan. It was founded in February 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani. Rakuten is likened to a very flexible online shopping mall. Retail customers can set up their stores on the website to advertise, sell as well as processing payment transactions. After more than 20 years of establishment, Rakuten has had remarkable achievements in the world market. Currently, Rakuten has been ranked 7th in the world in the top companies with the highest sales. In 2016, the company’s revenue was $7.2 billion with an operating profit of about $347.9 million. As of June 2017, Rakuten has reported a total of 18,547 active employees in the company worldwide

Why you should buy on Rakuten JP?

Rakuten is considered a giant in the field of e-commerce in Japan, this is always a brand trusted and chosen by many retailers and customers. Coming to Rakuten, you can find all the items you need because Rakuten’s warehouse is extremely diverse and rich in all fields such as fashion, household electronics…with reasonable prices. Moreover, ordering through Rakuten simplifies the purchasing process as well as helps consumers save time and money while they still having the opportunity to use high-quality products.

A special thing about Rakuten is the FITS.ME fitting technology. This is a technology owned by Rakuten thanks to the acquisition of the famous technology company FITS.ME. This application helps online shoppers to “try on” very conveniently. As long as you provide parameters related to your height, weight, shoulder width, waist circumference, and age, FITS. I will create a character with the same measurements as you. With FITS.ME you can find the right clothes for you. Because of the above advantages, you can answer for yourself the question of whether to buy Rakuten or not.

How to buy goods on Rakuten?

There are 2 ways that you can easily buy goods on Rakuten

Option 1: Order by yourself on the Rakuten Japan website

Steps to self-order on Rakuten Japan website:

Mandatory requirements for self-purchase on Rakuten Japan website is that you need to have an international payment card such as a Master card/Visa, etc. and you have enough money in your account to pay for your purchase.

To make your own purchases on Rakuten, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the Rakuten website at the link: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/.
  • Step 2: Register your own personal account.
  • Step 3: Select the product you want to buy.
  • Step 4: After completing the shopping cart, then move to the checkout step, choose a method of payment, shipping, etc.

However, Rakuten is like any other e-commerce website. It does not support delivery outside of Japan. This way you need to have an address in Japan to help you receive the goods and send them back to you.

Option 2: use a proxy buying service like Ezbuy.

As mentioned above, to buy goods at e-commerce websites in Japan, you need to have an international payment card, and have a delivery address in Japan. This is quite difficult for those who do not have the above 2 conditions. In addition, the tax and customs issues in transporting goods from Japan to your country will make you extremely tired. However, you don’t have to worry about this. Ezbuy will solve it for you, we are a reputable proxy purchaser. We’ll help you make your purchases and ship them to you with ease. You just need a few steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Access the Rakuten Japan website. First, you need to access the Rakuten Japan website by following the link:https://www.rakuten.co.jp/.
  • Step 2: Search for products to buy.
  • Step 3. Create an account with Ezbuy, then copy and paste the URL of the item page into Ezbuy’s search bar
  • Step 4. Click search and complete the order form

You will need to fill in the exact name of the item as shown on the website and provide the desired items. Be sure to fill in the fields for your preferred size, color and design if applicable as we need this information to process your order. You can leave us a comment if there is any more information that you would like to let us know. Don’t forget to double-check all the details before sending us!

  • Step 5: Proceed to pay Ezbuy

The payment for Ezbuy has 2 periods.

First, you have to pay the value of your order. This is a deposit to buy your order. When your order is delivered to the operation center we will inform you. You have chosen the international freight method. Almost all orders sold at Rakuten are tax-inclusive and free domestic freight.

You just pay an international freight fee as well as the optional service fee. That is the second period.

  • Step 6: Receive the goods

After you complete the payment to Ezbuy, we will ship the item to you. Every shipping method has a tracking number. We will provide you this tracking number and you can check the status of your order right on the Ezbuy website. , the delivery time will take place in about 7-10 days. It depends on the shipping method which you choose.

The best Rakuten Japan proxy service?

Buying Japanese goods becomes easier and more economical with Ezbuy. Because we link more than 100 e-commerce websites in Japan including Rakuten. We are a miniature Japan, allowing you to shop comfortably without having to worry about anything. In addition, we always update promotions to help you not miss the opportunity to buy cheap goods. So please use our shopping service!

With the practical sharing through the above article, we are hoping readers have answered the question of what Rakuten is, how to buy goods on Rakuten Japan as well as an update for yourself a reputable online Japanese shopping website. Let us become a bridge to help you enjoy online shopping at Japanese websites!

Rakuten Japan Proxy: Process to reduce the cost with Ezbuy
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