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Order From Japan

Japanese websites can be great for buying home goods cheaply. Everything from groceries to electronics can be bought online, sometimes up to half the regular in-store price. When shopping online in Japan, if you know some Japanese, you will be in profit. Sometimes the selection on Japanese sites did not cut it. The good news is that many foreign-based sites such as Ezbuy helps you order from Japan internationally.

Delivery Options

One best thing about ordering products online in Japan or order from Japan is that these products are shipped quickly. Even if one lives lived in rural or urban area, goods or items usually arrives at ones doorstep within two t three days of ordering, based on how you schedule, it may be a little difficult to catch the deliveryman. Since almost all packages ordered require a signature to be received online, this would mean that you would have to redistribute the package upon missing the delivery person.

The person of delivery will usually leave a slip at your doorstep. The slip will provide you with a website to request for redistribution and a phone number. Most delivery services have at least one English help-line and some have an English website.

Order From Japan

Payment option

The two most common options for payment while shopping online in Japan are credit card and bank transfer. The best way to go is through a Japanese credit card payment. You will face lower fees and higher rates of acceptance. However, it can be difficult to get a credit card in Japan, so the next best option would be to use a credit card from your country accepted in Japan. Unfortunately, you may be affected with conversion rate fees and a foreign transaction fee. Bank transfer is the least-recommended method of payment. The process can be confusing, time-consuming, and you may incur transaction fees. To perform a bank transfer, you must first record the payment details of the website, such as their bank account name. If you like to do all you’re banking online, you will be given an option to make the payment transaction through the bank’s website. If you do not, you must use the ATM or transact with the teller.

Order From Japan

Bank transfers through ATMs are a bit confusing and are usually not in English, so if you have any doubt, the best option would be to seek the help of a teller.

Ezbuy is one of the go-to-portals for all your purchases whether it is domestic or International, delivering goods you need to most corners of the world. This E-commerce platform allows international consumers to order from Japan or in other words buy Japanese goods where they are offering a large number of goods for any taste and budget.

Ezbuy has given people the opportunity to buy products according to their comfort and convenience. Shopping is made easy and convenient by the company for its customer. It is also easy to cancel the transaction. The most important reason the ecommerce portal provides it ease in process.

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Order From Japan
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