Japanese Traditional Doll
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Japanese Traditional Doll

Importance of Japanese dolls in Japanese Culture

Japanese dolls are the engraved inside Japanese culture and history in many fascinating ways. In Japan, dolls are usually introduced during tasks to replace or represent the person presenting them. Ezbuy, is one of the few companies in Japan you are the largest suppliers of these Japanese Traditional Doll or Dolls

Religious Purpose of Japanese Traditional Dolls

According to Japanese tradition, the doll carries a person’s Sin or evil spirits through a touch then after the doll is thrown into the water or burnt, it carries the problems with it. However, the offering doll has a short life, a brief contact with the person it represents. Dolls can be burnt to destroy one year’s sins. The doll Daruma is purchased in the New Year and burnt at the end of the year. Daruma has the additional task of assisting the owner with crops. Heena dolls and other forms are also ceremonially lit in a temple or in temples and shrines. It can be seen as a release of the soul or spiritual power of a doll when it is not needed or needed.

There are some dolls or figures that are offered as a memorial to a dead or those who have lost their child. The Kokeshi dolls were use memorial ceremony purposes. In modern Japan, parents exist, where parents can offer a doll husband or doll bride to a dead unmarried child, calming the child’s spirit with this partner. Interestingly, the doll seems to resemble the child to the parent.

The doll is used as a commemorative gift

This is a special category, especially important in modern business. These dolls are made to give as gifts for a company to use on a special occasion. According to history, the Yamaha Company gave the dolls to its distributors in the US every year. Dolls were created specifically for this purpose and served not only as a token of the relationship, but also as part of a special advertisement and display in the showroom.

Japanese Traditional Doll

Civic Festival aims

In Japan, many localities celebrate religious tableaux, drawn by teams of men to the city. These trains often include large figures, legend, historical figures or any religious figure. While these figures are not technically dolls, their construction involves carving and combining wooden dolls with gofun skin, the same type of construction as the smaller figures displayed in the house at festivals.

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Economic Purpose of Dolls

It was observed that most of the Japanese traditional doll was made by individuals, at home; however, other dolls were developed to sell as souvenirs in specific communities. So around 17th century doll making was commercialized in Kyoto (now Tokyo), and the doll became a commodity of exclusive consumption. The dolls those which were most significant were made to order for some of the very important buyers. The forms of these dolls were specifically developed by the elite to purchase as gifts, craftsmen involved in making human figures, such as festive carriage figures, religious statues, puppets worked with wood and Gofun developed ways to do that when scaled became the basis of doll manufacturing. .

Therefore, these dolls are the most important aspect in Japanese tradition and history. and Ezbuy is one of the emerging companies in Japan that helps international customer buy all kinds of dolls from Japan . The beauty of the company is its reputation and fantastic dedicated customer service. They supply or deliver these dolls internationally as well.

Japanese Traditional Doll
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