Japanese Sneakers

Best Sneaker brands to buy from Japan

Best Sneaker brands to buy from Japan

Japan is one of the most cherished cultural centers in the world, with fashion at the forefront. Unexpectedly, the country has a great reputation of being the Mecca of sneaker lovers from all over the world and Ezbuy is one the biggest online supplier for Sneaker shoes. You’ll get the best quality of Japanese Sneakers shoes especially from the best brands.

Japan’s reputation is arguably the best in the US market. The sneaker industry became one of the most influential destinations in the sneaker world in the mid-90s. Japan’s fascination with sneakers is old but not outdated. Interestingly, basketball and running are major sports markets for Japanese brands, so it’s probably no surprise that people those who are living in the place are quick to purchase such things.

Sneakers have been a fashion item ever since it was introduced to sport industry and has experienced a boom globally. Men’s and even women now wear them to make a fashion statement. See some special list of sneakers found in Japan.


Converse is an American brand that began production of the Made in Japan model from 2013. Converse manufactures its sneakers globally across various locations, but Made in Japan models are mainly popular and rare globally, so their value is high. Converse designs are simple and easy, in past few years it has been trending globally, by adding uniqueness in their designs.


Asics is a Japanese brand that competes on the global stage. It has dubbed into a wide variety of styles and owns the Onitsuka Tiger and Asics Tiger brands, both of which are known to be very fashionable and extremely popular globally. It has a large market share in running shoes with new releases!

Canvas all star

It is sometimes made in the popular Canvas All Star Japan model. This differs from all regular canvases in terms of cotton, shovels, and tape used, while tape is used, while the Made in Japan text is joined by a heel patch on the bottom.


GEL-KAYANO is another brand that is very widely used in Japan for its unique and comfortable design. It is more as a true sports shoe a fashion loaded sneaker, hailing very high-quality flexible features. They are optimized to be extremely lightweight as well as being soft on the feet, being perfect as running shoes. The series of GEL-Kayano also includes several shoes with colorful designs as well as Japanese design.

Nike – Nike is well-known and much sought-after footwear in Japan. It is considered a key player and it is known as the introducer of sneaker shoes of Japan. The shoe’s incredible shine has been its major feature. It provides comfort and its stylish appearance.

Ezbuy, as a company is proficient enough to supply Japanese Sneakers not only domestically but also internationally. With dedicated customer support the company have added greater achievements when it comes supply chain. Therefore, if you are a runner or athlete, you can rely upon Ezbuy for all your sporting needs and head on.

Best Sneaker brands to buy from Japan
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