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Japan is still growing and has long expanded all over through the automotive and consumer strong industry. There are plenty of Japanese items to buy with brands were expensive and their dominance was limited to electronics and autos. However, recently we have seen a developing pattern of Japanese retailers who are prepared to enter Japanese fashion and lifestyle, which were always ruled by American and European brands. Several Japanese retailers have arrived in Japan and many more are expected to open their doors in Japan. For instance, like many other fashion design company’s such as Uniqlo hopes to open its first store. According to industry experts, Uniqlo has the full strength to generate market disruption and give unbending competition to competitors due to its unique pricing. Similarly, Japan-based clothing company will also hit its own market soon.

All of these global brands have a wide presence globally, for example, MUJI has a very strong global brand presence with 700+ stores in Japan, Asia, Europe and USA. Similarly, the Kai Group and Mini so also have a large global presence. Therefore, the question arises as to why these brands are now coming into the Indian market, although this market always has all the ingredients to attract any international player.

There can be many reasons. For example, in recent years, Japan had experienced a slowdown and in order to improve its GDP, retail brands had to explore opportunities in various countries around the world. Japan is the third largest economy in the world; a gradual basis for decreasing gross domestic product, Japan has seen low growth having deflation for twenty four years.

“Currently for Japan, there are several destinations where they can reach the market. The market is large enough to soak up large investments which have relatively very high growth rates compared to competitors or peers. Japanese regions are booming and welcoming. The Increase in consumer numbers, and increase in purchasing power, access to credit access to internet, is all leading to increase in consumption of goods and economy by consumer’s urban as well as rural areas. This is a good time for any brand to enter Japan and sell its products to consumers.

Along with the advantages, there are disadvantages as well as challenges. Due to the diversity and different culture the population of Japan has a dissimilar taste and it can be a problem for fresh brands to enter any new market. Competition is another challenge that is unavoidable.

Companies need to invest in brand awareness, customer engagement and loyalty. Regulatory challenges, supply chains and logistics are some of the other challenges faced by Japanese brands until they are established. Despite the challenges, Japan has the appropriate advantage of disposing of its brand in any country that it sees comfortable doing with if they are compatible with consumer preferences.

Clearly, Japan is a very large market with a lot of growth potential. Japanese retailers understand this very well and they are coming here with long term plans.

Ezbuy, is one of the company’s in Japan that provide very easy service to their customer through their e-commerce platform. The platform provides several Japanese items to buy and also service to customers internationally too. With dedicated team of customer service the company has a reputation of serving customers to the best.

Japanese Items to Buy
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