Japanese Clothing Sizes
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Japanese Clothing Sizes

Before you buy clothes online in Japan

Japanese clothing sizes can be very small or varying. Japan uses a different size system than western countries, so the first step is to compare western sizes with Japanese sizes. Japanese apparel brands are trending with many fashionable styles right now. As Japanese sizes differ from many other global sizes, it is essential that you know which ones you need. Find out some tips for choosing the right size in Japan so that you feel comfortable buying online.

Japanese clothing sizes may vary from the place or country you belong. Usually Japanese clothing sizes when compared Western sizes are smaller. Moreover, for measurement Japan uses centimeters. So if you are from a place or country that uses inches as their measurement, you also have to better know to how to change the measurement into what you want.

Local size

International brands often localize their clothing sizes to fit their various markets. Clothes in the Japanese market will be cut or shaped differently to those in other countries. Companies edit shape labels to show people which items have localized. Because of this, please make sure that you check the measurement of a localized item before purchasing, to be sure that it will fit you. There are some Asian brands that use special terms such as queen, model, and king to identify appropriate measurements. It was initially labeled like this because taller people would need bigger shoes.

When it comes to shoe size?

It is quite easy to find your Japanese shoe size. Japan uses the size of your foot in centimeters. Make sure you allow some extra room while measuring, so there is room for resting when shaking and wearing your shoes for a long time. Depending on the size of your feet, you may need to fit wide, as Japanese shoes are narrow.

So when one is looking for international clothing sizes, you will often find a size conversion table. These can be helpful because you can change one size to another if you already know your size from a different country. However, using the conversion table can change the results, as some locations will have slightly different sizes for others. There can be more than one equivalent for each size. Ezbuy is a company from Japan that offers unique and distinctive flexibility when it comes to clothing measurement, therefore, to provide you with a good idea of ​​size, you will get the proper size when you try to shop here.

Japan is known for being incredibly fashion-conscious, and is home to a range of classic, elegant, daring with contemporary styles. It is no wonder that so many people are looking online to buy Japanese clothes. Ezbuy is a place where you can discover any style for your wardrobe filled with the trend of Japanese fashion and culture.

Ezbuy.jp, gives you complete shopping experience through its e-commerce portal where you can buy clothes, footwear or any stuff in discounted prices. The company not only provides or supply products domestically but also internationally. They have a dedicated team of customer support which provides you online help desk facility seven days a week.

Japanese Clothing Sizes
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