Important points when buying from Rakuten Japan 

Important points when buying from Rakuten Japan 

Are you looking for buying items on Rakuten Japan but you have less experience with this website? In this article, Ezbuy is gonna help you buy Japanese items on Rakuten quickly and safely. 

1. Overall about Rakuten website

Rakuten is known as a giant Japanese online marketplace. It was established in February 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani.

The Rakuten form has been helping buyers and sellers contact each other directly. Sellers set up online stores to advertise their products, buyers choose their favourite items and make online payments  via Rakuten. You can find everything on Rakuten from used items to new ones, even antiques that no longer appear on the market. 

After more than 20 years of operation, Rakuten has a certain position on the market, one of the four leading e-commerce websites in Japan, comparable to Amazon Japan. Up to now, there are approximately 50 million registered users – equivalent to 42% of Japan’s population. 

2. Is it safe to buying from Rakuten Japan?

The Rakuten system always strictly requires sellers to have a business license and tax code when selling on Rakuten. The system always checks the quality of goods before the seller posts on his online store and to avoid fraud. If there is fraud, the seller will be permanently banned from selling on Rakuten. Therefore, you can completely rest assured of the good’s reputation.

3. Does Rakuten ship internationally?

Rakuten is a website for Japanese domestic shoppers, international users cannot receive goods because the system does not support shipment to other countries around the world. 

First of all, if you want to buy from Rakuten, you need to have a purchase account including phone number, delivery address, payment card in Japan. After making a purchase, you need to enter a delivery address in Japan. If you have acquaintances in Japan, you can ask them to receive and ship the package to you following the forms of hand-carried goods. 

If you do not have a relationship in Japan, you can consider buying from Rakuten in the following ways: 

4. How to buy items on Rakuten quickly and conveniently 

Self-ordering on Rakuten causes lots of troubles for international shoppers. Understanding the difficulties of customers, Ezbuy brings you a Rakuten online shopping service via Ezbuy – an extremely effective way. 

Important points when buying from Rakuten Japan 

Here are the steps to buy from Rakuten via Ezbuy: 

Step 1: Access the Ezbuy website and sign up/ log in 

Step 2: Enter the name of your favourite item on the search bar or choose the menu on the left of the website. 

Step 3: After finding out your item, please select ‘’ Buy now’’ or ‘’ Add to cart’’ 

Step 4: Decide which items you want to buy, enter quantity then pay for the order. Customers  have to pay 100% of the item’s value. 

Step 5: Select one carrier company, pay for the shipping fees and additional fees (if occurred), then wait to get your package delivered. 

5. Important notes when buying on Rakuten Japan

  • Read carefully the product description, feedback from previous customers  before making a purchase decision. 
  • When there are lots of sellers selling the same product, you only need to pay attention to the domestic shipping fee to see which is the best product price. 
  • When buying items on Rakuten via Ezbuy, you won’t need to worry about confusing languages. Everything is simplified and fast. 
  • Ezbuy guarantees to purchase and make payments following the requested items. You only need to stay at home and get your items. 

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you feel secure buying from Rakuten. Any questions, please feel free to contact: 

Important points when buying from Rakuten Japan 
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