How to order from Amazon Japan
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How to order from Amazon Japan

Amazon is known to be the Top of Ecommerce in the World with a Huge warehouse. With high appreciation from customers, Amazon now becomes one reliable shopping address. However, To this time Amazon is limited to a few countries : United States, Canada, Japan,… It’s sometimes difficult to buy from Amazon when you live abroad. Therefore How to buy from Amazon Japan? Let’s find out.

1. How to order items from Amazon Japan by yourself?

The bad thing is not all sellers on Amazon Japan support international shipping so It seems to be so difficult to buy from Amazon Japan if you are a foreigner. During the purchase process, you will have a lot of troubles : language barrier, payment method,…

How to order from Amazon Japan

How to order from Amazon Japan

Like other E-Commerce sites, in order to purchase on Amazon you must to have an account with the following information:

– Japanese phone number

– Delivery address in Japan

– International payment cards

Besides, You need to resolve a lot of complex problems about international transportation, customs clearance,… If you do not have any relatives in Japan you can follow a step by step guide:

Steps to buy from Amazon Japan

Step 1: Register an account on Amazon

Access to :

Full fill the information and follow the instructions

Step 2: Search for Items

There are two ways to find the items on Amazon:

Option 1: Look for items by it’s name on search bar

Option 2: Search by catalogue on the left of site.

Step 3: Purchase and Payment

After finding your favorite items, you can process to purchase or add to carts. Payment processes in Amazon with other E-Commerce are the same, Wait for purchase confirmation and you will be sent an order itinerary from Amazon Japan.

 2. Instructions for order Amazon Japan on EZBuy

Why should you use the Amazon proxy service with Ezbuy?

How to order from Amazon Japan

How to order from Amazon Japan


– Convenience: You don’t need to have a received address, phone number, or any information in Japan. You can shop on Ebzuy as if you were living and experienced in Japan with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, with the ” quick order” tool, you can order multiple items at the same time, which helps to save your time a lot. Besides it, you can estimate and know the international shipping fee by yourself without support from our staff. Let’s shop with Ezbuy to get the best experience.

– Fast delivery: Currently, ordering via a domestic e-commerce website usually takes 2-5 days. However, with such a developed international shipping system as today, you only need to wait 9-12 days to receive your items.

– Cost Minimization: Ezbuy is one of the units proving the best price for customers. With other units, you have to pay a service fee of about 8-12% total order value, but Ezbuy only offers 300 yen for each order. Although with a cheap service fee, but Ezbuy support service and optional services always ensure customer’s benefits.

– Safety:  Ezbuy is the unit that assures all transactions and purchases are secure and safe. Besides it, we have 100% insurance, a return policy, and a clear claiming process. At Ezbuy, you can completely set your mind at rest about the product’s quality.

– Simplified Procedures: When using Ezbuy’s service, customers don’t have to worry about any purchase, payment, and customs procedures. You can track your order actively by your tracking code.

– 24/7 Customer Support: With Ezbuy, you are supported and consulted by a dedicated customer support team in Japan and ready to help you 24/7.

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How to buy from Amazon with Ezbuy

Ezbuy is an e-commerce website allowing customers to shop directly from Japan. Here are the steps to buy from Amazon with Ezbuy:

Step 1: Access website and then sign up/ log in

Step 2: Type the item’s name on the search bar and choose search with Amazon

Step 3: You can choose ” Buy now” or add your item to the shopping cart

Step 4: Place an order and pay for the item’s value

Step 5: Wait for the item to arrive at Ezbuy warehouse, choose one international shipping method and pay for the shipping fee.

Step 6: Get your package delivered

3. Experience when shopping on Amazon Japan

Avoid buying the goods are sold by Amazon’s partner

There are 3 types of Seller on Amazon:

Type 1: The Goods are sold and distributed by Amazon. This types provide high-quality products.

Type 2: The goods are sold by Amazon’s partner and Delivered by Amazon. With This type, Amazon has inspected the quality so never mind.

Type 3: The Goods are sold and distributed by the Seller that Posted to sell on Amazon Website. You must be careful when deciding to buy this type of goods because Amazon is not responsible for its quality.

Sometimes, you can see one item with a lot of prices. Be careful!

Avoid buying from several sellers

If you see a reputation Seller, let choose a Seller for a Shopping turn. Because the more Seller you choose, the more shipping fee you have to pay.

Avoid directly transfer money

Because nowaday there are some scams that take advantage of customers’ trusts to make fraudulent behaviors. Therefore Do not accept transfer money directly.

Hunting sales experience

There are 3 ways to hunt the Sales on Amazon Japan:

– Option 1: Type keyword Deals in search bar : deal of + “ name of items” you will find your favorite products quickly.

– Option 2: Click on Home to find hot deals: Time sale on Amazon

– Option 3: Receive Sale information from Ezbuy

In addition, you can leave an email to register for a newsletter at Ezbuy, we will send the sale information as soon as Amazon has that deal.

For more information contact via email

How to order from Amazon Japan
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