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[Step-by-Step] How to order Beams From Japan

Beams is one of the most clothes brands in Japan. a lot of people love the t-shirt or jacket from Beams. So how to order Beams from Japan with the best price. Let figure it out with the article below.

What is Beams?

How to order Beams From Japan

Established in 1976, Beams is one of the top 5 biggest fashion brands in Japan. Inside the major shopping center across Japan, there are many stores of Beams, and the brand is gradually expanding its presence around the world.

The brand has built its image as a comfortable and high-quality street style and fashion brand. The main feature of the product lines is always emphasizing the basic but cute and lovely features. Today, Beams is growing strongly and has hundreds of large and small stores, located all over the world. In Japan, just walk into a large or medium-sized shopping mall, you can find this fashion brand’s store. And Just come in the store and you will be completely immersed in it with hundreds of thousands of unique designs for men, women, or children.

Many people choose Beams fashion brand because the design is extremely youthful, lovely and the quality always ensures the satisfactory quality factor. Beams products are extremely diverse for men, women, and children. Besides, there are tailor-made sets for each person.

Beams, as well as other Japanese domestic fashion brands such as GU or UNIQlO, BAPE… are gradually developing into the international market and are being accepted by more people.

There is a very interesting feature on the homepage of Beams JP’s website is that there is a guide on how to coordinate the company’s clothes to make them beautiful and suitable for you. This is a pretty feature of this brand.

Why can’t you buy directly from Beams?

Although It’s very attractive with thousands of products sold at ideal prices. You must accept that the Beams Japan online shopping site is only available in Japan.

They do not support shopping, payment, and delivery for international customers. That’s why you need to use the Beams Japan shopping service

Instructions on how to buy goods from Beams Japan

  • Step 1: Access the Beams Japan website.

First, you need to access the Beams Japan website by following the link:

  • Step 2: Search for products to buy.

 You can search for products to buy according to suggestions at Beams Japan’s homepage. You can also search for products in the search bar at the top of the page.

  • Step 3. Check the item details.

Please read the product description carefully (size, ingredients, price…) before ordering.

It is really important that you pay attention to prices whenever shopping on a Japanese website. BEAMS Japan has included a 10% Japanese consumption tax in the price of the item. Please also note that some items are pre-order and will be shipped at a later date.

  • Step 4. Create an account with Ezbuy, then copy and paste the URL of the item page into Ezbuy’s search bar
  • Step 5. Click search and complete the order form

You will need to fill in the exact name of the item as shown on the website and provide the desired item quantity. Be sure to fill in the fields for your preferred size, color and design if applicable as we need this information to process your order. You can leave us a comment if there is any more information you would like to let us know. Don’t forget to double-check all the details before sending us!

  • Step 6: Make payment

The payment for Ezbuy has 2 periods.

First, you have to pay the value of your order. This is a deposit to buy your order. When your order is delivered to the operation center we will inform you. You have chosen the international freight method. Then you pay the domestic and international freight fee as well as the optional service fee. That is the second period. After making the payment, you have completed the purchase at the Ezbuy site.

Advantages of buying at Ezbuy

Currently, there are many intermediary companies that help international customers buy goods at Japanese e-commerce platforms. You should choose a reputable intermediary company. Ezbuy is such a company. Ezbuy always puts customers first. Here are the advantages of buying at Ezbuy.

Clear product information

Products are displayed on Ezbuy with full detailed descriptions like the original website to help customers take the initiative to learn and shop smart. We always update promotions, hot deals, discounts every day.

Buyers do not need international payment cards

As you know, if you want to buy goods at commercial websites in Japan, you must have an international payment card. If you use the service of Ezbuy, you do not need to worry about this. We offer a full service when you shop through Ezbuy. And you don’t even need to open an international payment card

Maximum cost savings

When buying goods at Ezbuy, we will help you save costs, handle customs clearance and tax procedures more simply. You just need to order and wait to receive the goods in Vietnam.

Professional logistics service

Ezbuy has a warehouse right in Japan, allowing customers to use services related to goods: product inspection, packaging, collection… and fast shipping.

Official papers and invoices are fully provided

Ezbuy’s international shopping service supports customers to purchase products with complete and accurate invoices and documents. Products are accompanied by official invoices when returning home, which is guaranteed of prestige, which also shows the commitment of the enterprise to customers.

Enthusiastic and attentive customer care center, 24/7 support

Ezbuy is not only a reputable international purchasing intermediary but also supports and advises customers when choosing quality products and sellers. Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable service team will assist you in answering all your questions. Consulting and support activities 24/7 outside office hours.

Customer support for seller complaints

If there is a risk of goods such as fake goods, imitation goods, wrong goods, lack of goods, … Ezbuy will support customers to complain to the seller. Depending on the seller’s complaint and return policy, the customer will be resolved in the most favorable way.

How to order Beams from Japan? Shopping on international commerce sites in general as well as in Japan, in particular, is very popular. Beams were found for fashion enthusiasts. If you are a street fashionista, don’t miss the opportunity to shop online at beam through Ezbuy. You will surely be satisfied with our services


[Step-by-Step] How to order Beams From Japan
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