How to Buy from Surugaya: A-Z Guide
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How to Buy from Surugaya: A-Z Guide

 Ordering Japanese cultural products on Surugaya is not easy for international buyers. Why? Partly because of the language barrier, you do not know how to buy from Surugaya without knowing Japanese, and largely because Surugaya does not provide shipping outside of Japan. At this point, Ezbuy’s proxy-shopping service is the perfect solution for you. 

What is Surugaya?

what is surugaya

Let’s find out what suruga-ya is

Surugaya is among the leading online and retail stores that sell a wide range of cultural products in Japan. This is an ideal destination for those enthusiasts of Blu-Rays, Japanese CDs, DVDs, books, anime or manga figures, trading cards, and other small items. 

There are both new and used items on Surugaya gathered from across the countrywide, meaning that this online store is the best place to shop for both newly launched and rare items on your otaku wishlist. 

Despite mainly selling products from Japanese pop culture, Surugaya, a Wakayama-located company, has a solid and long history dating back to the 15th century (over 550 years old). A good thing about buying from Surugay is that it warrants the quality of both new and used items. Millions of consumers buy products from this website everyday, so you should not have any bad experiences when buying on this renowned Japanese online shopping site.

Biggest challenges faced by international customers to buy items at Surugaya

How to Buy from Surugaya: A-Z Guide

Although Surugaya is an ideal website for buying cultural products in Japan, ordering directly on Surugaya has never been easy for foreign customers. Here are a few of the common challenges international customers cope with when making a purchase on Surugaya:

► Language

Finding any Japanese item online can be hard if you cannot understand and write in Japanese. This is true to navigating and buying on You merely don’t feel confident buying things from a website in a language that you are not proficient in. This is when a shopping proxy service, a third-party website which will help you order from shops that don’t offer shipping outside Japan, takes the upper hand.

► Payment

There are two types of fee when buying items on Surugaya: domestic shipping fee and handling fee.  

The way Surugaya calculates domestic shipping is relatively complicated, especially to those collectors unfamiliar with international online shopping. It is based on your total order. If your order is below 1000 yen, the domestic shipping fee is 432 yen, from 1000 to 1500 yen, it is 378 yen, and above 1500 yen, it is free.

For all orders below 5,000 yen, you have to pay 216 yen for a handling fee. 

Speaking of payment methods, Surugaya accepts Paypal, credit cards, bank transfer, cash, etc. This payment policy requires customers to register a Japanese bank account, Paypal account, etc. which becomes a trouble for those not living in Japan. 

► International shipping

Since Surugaya does not provide oversea shipping, so if you are outside of Japan and want to buy items presented on, it is essential to use a shopping proxy service, such as Ezbuy. This type of service is easy to use. Basically, you tell them what you want from what shop and they will order it for you with a service fee.

How to buy from Surugaya at Ezbuy

Most Japanese online retailers do not ship internationally, but there are always ways to buy high-quality items you want from Japan without hassle. Ezbuy will do it for you. We buy, consolidate and ship Japanese goods to your door. You can make purchases on Surugaya from anywhere else in the world.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to buy from Surugaya at Ezbuy:

► Step 1: Search for the item

There are three ways to search for an item: 

Option 1: search for the item on Ezbuy’s searching bar 

Option 2: search for item by category on Ezbuy

Option 3: paste the URL of the item on Surugaya onto the “Quick order” tool of Ezbuy.

► Step 2: Check the item’s detailed information

After you have defined the item you want to buy, check its detailed information in “Description”. With the advantageous multilingual interface, Ezbuy allows consumers to trade without knowing Japanese. You can see the item’s details in English or any other languages, and estimate domestic and international shipping fees. 

► Step 3: Place order & Make the first payment

Now, if you want to buy more items aside from the one you have chosen, select “Add to cart”. If not, select “Buy now”.
Remember that before adding the item to your shopping cart, you need to enter its information exactly, including size, color, quantity, etc. At this step, you will make the first payment for the item’s value. 

The first payment: Item’s price + shopping proxy service fee

► Step 4: Make the second payment

After paying the first charge, you will wait for the item to be delivered to Ezbuy warehouse. Once the item is in stock, you will receive a notification Ezbuy staff will inform you. You then will choose your preferred shipping method and make the second payment for all the rest fees.

The second payment: International shipping fee + value added service fee (if any)

► Step 5: Wait for door-to-door delivery

Now, after completing all of the steps above, what you need to do is to sit back, relax and wait for your parcel delivered to your door. That’s simple!

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Buying service at Ezbuy

Buying from Surugaya has never been more simple for all international buyers with the support of forwarding / proxy companies like Ezbuy. 

With advantages such as flexible payment methods, simple and easy-to-understand ordering process, and high security, Ezbuy’s shopping proxy service ensures you will get your desired item in the shortest time, at a reasonable cost. 

Our goal is to make buying Japanese goods online from Surugaya or any other Japanese online shopping websites as smooth as possible. 

Ezbuy is the easiest way to buy from Japan!

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How to Buy from Surugaya: A-Z Guide
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