How to buy from Rakuma Japan?
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How to buy from Rakuma Japan?

Are you looking for items from Rakuma Japan? After this article, I’m sure that you find the simplest way to buy from Rakuma Japan 

What is Rakuma Japan?

Rakuma Japan was called Fril, a C2C market in Japan that belonged to the Rakuten system. At Rakuma Japan, there are thousands of products attracting you such as: electronics, fashion, cosmetics, accessories, interior, household appliances…

Rakuma is a website trading used goods attracting major Japanese consumers. The items here are sold at reasonable prices along with guaranteed trading policies, meet the needs of various customers. 

Rakuma is deserved to be in the top position of the Japanese market with more than 10 million app downloads. Rakuma purchasing service is a competitive competitor of Mercari, which also offers the same C2C service.

How to buy from Rakuma Japan?

Compare Rakuma and Mercari

Compared to Mercari, Rakuma has its significant strengths: 

  • Negotiating prices freely with the seller
  • You can use Rakuten point to buy goods at Rakuma Japan
  • Rakuma’s interface is considered easier to use and see than Mercari’s.

How to buy from Rakuma Japan?

The Rakuma Japan system is only for local people, but it doesn’t mean that foreigners are not allowed to buy. Therefore, if you want to buy items from Rakuma, you will need to use a shopping proxy service. 

How to buy from Rakuma Japan?

Usage guidelines to buy from Rakuma Japan quickly and easily

Usage guidelines to buy from Rakuma Japan quickly and easily 

When using the Ezbuy shopping proxy service, you will be supported by the customer support team with the whole ordering process at Rakuma. Take a look at these steps below: 

Step 1: Access to the website and sign up/log in 

Before making a purchase, you need to have an Ezbuy account. The steps to register for an account are also easy and fast, you just need to follow the simple steps to register.

Step 2: Enter the item’s name or copy its URL to the Ezbuy search bar, or you can use ‘’ quick order’’ to search for multiple items. 

Step 3: You can select  ‘’buy now’’ or ‘’ add to cart’’ and continue shopping for other items. Next, select play order and pay for the item’s price. 

Step 4: When the item arrives at the Ezbuy warehouse, you need to choose a shipping method và pay for the shipping fee. Next, wait a couple of days to receive your package delivered. 

That’s it! Such an easy way to buy from Rakuma Japan. Visit Ezbuy and enjoy the shopping experience. 

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Why should you use the Ezbuy shopping proxy service?

Ezbuy is proud to be a reputable website in the industry of shopping and bidding from  Japan and shipping overseas. At Ezbuy, we help our customers to buy and bid on every item on top leading eCommerce sites in Japan such as: Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Rakuma, Japan, Mercari, Yahoo Auction, Yahoo shopping… Moreover, Ezbuy helps you to deliver goods with the best prices and simple procedures.

How to buy from Rakuma Japan?

Ezbuy offers shopping service for every items on top ecommerce websites in Japan on behalf of customers

You can track your order easily at your order management. Besides it, using the Ezuy shopping proxy service also helps you pack and consolidate your multiple items to save on shipping costs before they come to you. Professional staff support 24/7 with multiple languages such as: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean… Along with modern means of transport, Ezbuy ensures that the goods will be shipped quickly, commits goods’ safety, and cost-saving. 

Above is the way to buy from Rakuma Japan. Ezbuy hopes that it’s useful information for you. Any questions, please contact us via email at 

How to buy from Rakuma Japan?
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