How to buy from Japan
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How to buy from Japan

The demand for cross-border shopping has been widely popular in many countries. It has become their favorite hobby. And Japanese products are always the best choice of consumers for their great quality. However, where the reputable place is to buy Japanese product is still a big concern for consumers. In this article, Ezbuy is gonna search with you about the best Japan proxy shopping service. Let’s discover!

1.Where is the best place to buy Japanese products

1.1 Buying directly from Japan

Compared to imported Japanese goods, domestic Japanese goods are more preferent, because customers know that it’s 100% genuine Japanese products. You can visit Japan and import directly to do business. However, this way is pretty costly and complicated with procedures. Only in case of importing a large number of goods, you should consider this method. And if you only have a small business, let’s learn more about other methods below!

1.2 Buying Japanese goods via reputable websites

Why are reputable websites? if you search on the internet, there are thousands of proxy shopping websites. But not all of them are good and selling original Japanese products. You might get fake or low-quality products if you don’t choose carefully.

However, if you choose to order from reputable websites, you have to accept a little higher price. You should follow up on Sale days to buy with good deals. Ezbuy recommends to you some reputable website to buy Japanese goods:

– Rakuten (
– Amazon Japan (
– Uniqlo (
Mercari  (
Moreover, there are still many websites such as Rakuma, Nintendo,  Zozotown,…..
How to buy from Japan
However, these websites are all in Japanese interface leading you to the language barrier. To handle the problems you should use a Japanese proxy shopping service from a prestige intermediate.
In the market, there are plenty of units providing proxy service. with a friendly interface, multi-languages, and a dedicated customer support team 24/7 will support you anytime when you request.
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1.3 Have relationships buy and ship products to you

If you have acquaintances or friends living in Japan, you can have them buy and ship products to you. So, you can rest assured on the origin and with good price. After buying products, you contact Ezbuy to help you ship to your country.
You can learn more about Ezbuy’s Shipping rates here
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2. Why should you use the Japan proxy shopping service at Ezbuy

– Convenience: You don’t need to have an address or phone number in Japan or any other information, but still able to order conveniently via Ezbuy. You can shop on Ezbuy as if you were living and experiencing in Japan with just a few clicks. Moreover, with our ” quick order” function, you can order multiple items at once to save maximize time. Besides it, you can estimate the shipping fee by yourself without support staff. Shopping with Ezbuy to experience our benefit services.
– Fast shipping: Recently, ordering on your domestic websites usually takes 2-5 days to deliver. However, with the advanced international shipping system, you only have to wait 9-12 days to receive your packages.
– Cost minimization: Ezbuy is one of the units providing service with the best price in the market. At other units, you need to pay about 8-12% of the item’s value, but with Ezbuy, you only pay 300yen of the service fee for each order. In spite of the low price, support and optional services of the Ezbuy e-commercial website still ensure customer’s interests.
How to buy from Japan
– Ensure safety: Ezbuy is an intermediate ensuring safety and security of the transaction process. Furthermore, we have comprehensive good insurance service, clear return and claim policies. With these advanced services, Ezbuy ensures you will receive goods in safe forms.
– Simplified procedures: When using the Ezbuy service, you don’t need to worry about complicated purchasing, payments and clearance procedures. You can actively track your orders by tracking code.
– Support 24/7: With Ezbuy, you are consulted by a dedicated customer support team, available 24/7

3. How to buy Japanese goods at 

Step 1: Register an account
Access to and start registering for an account. It’s a quite simple step.
Step 2: Search for the product
Enter the item’s name on the search bar or enter the item’s URL that you have. Our screen will show the item’s information clearly. Read carefully the information and the price.
Step 3: Place orders and pay for the first charge 
After you see your favorite item, add it to the shopping cart to continue shopping or you can select the ” Buy now” section to buy immediately. Then, you pay for the first charge including : the Item’s price, domestic shipping fee
when you finish ordering, Ezbuy will send you an email to confirm placing the order successfully. Then, wait for the item to arrive at our warehouse in Japan.
Step4: Pay for the second charge and receive the item
When the item arrives at our warehouse in Japan, you have to choose one shipping method and pay the second charge for the shipping fee. Then, wait to receive your package delivered.
Hopefully, with the above experience, you can have useful information. If you are looking for more consultation about the Japan proxy shopping service, please contact Ezbuy for detailed supports via email:
How to buy from Japan
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