How to buy and buy from Mercari Japan

How to buy from Mercari Japan

What is Mercari Japan?

Mercari is one of the most popular Second – hand online marketplace in Japan. On this website, The used and renewed goods will be sold by individuals. This is the best place for any fashionistas who have trouble finding rare items with the goods deals. However, It is near impossible to buy from Mercari if you are outside of Japan.

Why do you need a proxy Mercari service?

Although the high demand of foreigners, Mercari Japan is limited to those who have telephone numbers and delivery addresses in Japan. Therefore, You can not process to purchase by yourself if you do not meet such conditions.

How to buy and buy from Mercari Japan


How to order and buy from Mercari?

If you are having trouble with the problem of how to buy on Mercari, EZBuy Proxy service will help you to buy from Japan no matter where you are. The method is not simpler:

Step 1: Register a member account at

Step 2: Select Mercari on Categories

Step 3: Search for Items that you want

Several results will appear on the product page, you need to consider carefully to make a decision.

Step 4: Add this item to your cart and Process it for payment

Some notes when buying from Mercari

Buying from Mercari Japan is good but you need to be careful.

Notes when purchasing goods on or using Mercari Japan:

– Make a quick decision

when you see a good deal you need to make a decision as soon as possible. Because It can be sold 5 or 10 minutes after posting. Mercari is so hot.

– Check the product description carefully

Product description includes most of necessary information: size, color, status,..before deciding. Sometimes, some of them are not available at the time you bought.

– Check the shipping fee :

The shipping fee will be paid by Seller (Free shipping)

The shipping fee will be paid by Buyer

In the case of not free shipping, the fee will not be informed until the Seller completes the delivery. Therefore, Let consider before processing to Buy or Not.

Why should you choose EZbuy for your proxy service?

– With the feature of a quick purchase in Mercari, Ezbuy has a 24/7 support team (including holidays) to receive orders on time.

– At Ezbuy, customers are allowed to ” Berghain” right on our website.

You set the price you can buy and make an order.

– Simple and Easy for payment.

Hope you have a great Buying from Mercari Japan experience with Ezbuy Proxy service by click Mercari Japan

How to buy from Mercari Japan
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