How to Buy a Nintendo Switch Online from Japan?
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How to Buy a Nintendo Switch Online from Japan?

If you are a gamer, you might have heard of Nintendo – a gaming system that has widely taken over the game world. Nintendo has been with us for a decade now. They are having a wide range of products, and they keep advancing with time as per the upgrade and public demand.

Similarly, Nintendo Switch is one of their products that was released in March in the year 2017. It is a video game console enjoyed by individuals fond of games worldwide. It came with new upgrades, features, and style. The Nintendo Switch has three modes in one is the TV mode which allows the device to enjoy HD gaming; Tabletop mode which had the flip-to-stand screen and you can enjoy multiplayer, and lastly, the handheld mode which means you can play games while the device stays on your hand with the Joy-Con controllers attached to it.

How to Buy a Nintendo Switch Online from Japan?

How to Buy a Nintendo Switch Online from Japan?

How to Buy a Nintendo Switch Online from Japan?

If you are interested in buying a Nintendo Switch, there are multiple ways you can get one. In Japan, you can buy Nintendo Switch online easily.  So if you are thinking about how to buy a Nintendo switch online, you do not need to worry more as Ezbuy has got the solution. Ezbuy is a cross-border e-commerce platform providing auction proxy and shopping services from Japan and shipping all over the world. You can buy an online Nintendo switch from Ezbuy with a few simple steps and an effective and reliable process of payment. Here is a detailed guide about how to buy online Nintendo switch on Ezbuy.

Step 1: Search for The Desired Product

There are two ways to look for your desired product from Ezbuy:

Option 1:

Once you open the website of Ezbuy you can paste the URL of the link of your desired product in the search bar that you will find on the homepage of the Ezbuy or on the quick order option that is available over the website.

Option 2:

You can also find the Nintendo Switch on Ezbuy by searching the item through the category.

Step 2: Find Detailed Information of Nintendo Switch

It is okay if you do not know Japanese, Ezbuy deals in a multilingual interface that allows you to trade easily. Furthermore, it lets you see the detailed information of the product in English or any other suitable language along with the estimated international and domestic shipping charges.

Step 3: Place Your Order and Pay the First Charge

Once you find the product you are looking for adding it to the cart and continue with the payment process. select or add the information of the item like the quantity, color, size, etc. Once you are done with it, you will be asked to pay the first charge of the item.

Step 4: Pay The Second Round of Charge

Once you have paid the first charge, we wait for the product to be shipped to the warehouse of Ezbuy by the seller.  When we get the product in our hands you will be asked to pay the second charge of the amount after you get notified. You will select the suitable payment method for shipping and pay the rest of the amount.

Step 5: Delivery of The Product

After all the process is done, you will receive your product within a couple of days.

What Free Games Do You Get with Switch Online?

As the Nintendo Switch a video game console device it offers a wide range of games for the users to enjoy. You can find the games of Nintendo Switch on their official website as well categorized properly so you can easily get your favorite one. There are numerous games available, you must be thinking how to buy online on Nintendo Switch, Well, you just need to create an account, buy yourself a membership, and browse for your favorite game online.

Some of the bestselling games include:

  • Monster Hunter rise
  • Among us
  • Super Mario 3D all-stars
  • Super Mario 3D World + bowser’s fury
  • Minecraft
  • Animal crossing: new horizons
  • Fire Emblem: shadow dragon and the blade of light
  • Mario kart 8 deluxe
  • Stardew valley
  • Super smash bros ultimate
  • UNO
  • Just Dance 2021
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Thief simulator
  • STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town
  • Assassin’s creed
  • Cuphead
  • Pokémon Sword
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Nintendo Switch Price and Where to Buy One

Nintendo revealed the Switch in March 2017. The Nintendo Switch cost was $299 when launched, which altogether undercut the costs of the Sony PlayStation 4 that was $399 at that time and coordinated with the then-current cost of the Xbox One S.

Moreover, once you get your Nintendo switch you are asked to create your account, the price of the Nintendo switch online varies and depends on the package you select for yourself out of monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

How to Buy a Nintendo Switch Online from Japan?


If you are into the gaming world, Nintendo Switch is fun gaming equipment you can get your hands on. Thinking where to buy from? You can buy an online Nintendo switch easily from the Ezbuy online store.

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How to Buy a Nintendo Switch Online from Japan?
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