Helpful Tips to Remember When Buying From Mercari

Helpful Tips to Remember When Buying From Mercari

What are Mercari Credits?

Mercari Credits are a form of virtual currency that is exclusive to the Mercari App. The credits are automatically added to your online wallet when you make a purchase. The credits are applied up to the selling price. For your next purchase, the credits will be deducted from your wallet before you have to pay anything separately.

Alternatively, you can pay on Mercari via Paypal. You can link your Paypal account with your Mercari account at any time, or at the time of checkout. Enter your Paypal account information and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then, proceed with checkout. To add a coupon to your checking out process, go to ‘settings’ and tap ‘coupons’. Here you can review all your valid coupons and select which one to use. They are automatically added to your final cost including shipping and taxes.

What is The Process to Buy From Mercari?

The reason Mercari is usually set apart from its rival services is that it encourages contactless buying and selling.  This means that there are rarely any in-person meetups between buyers and sellers. Instead, sellers are supposed to send the merchandise directly to the buyer’s address.

To buy from Mercari, you simply have to enter the keywords of the items you want into the search bar. Alternatively, you can look through the ‘categories’ option and see if any item matches your need. When you find the product you want to buy, read the attached description carefully. In case you have additional questions, you can ‘like’ the item and ask the seller questions about it directly in the chat section. They typically respond within twenty-four hours.

Afterward, select the ‘buy now’ option and proceed to checkout with your item. Then, you have to enter your payment details, via credit card or Mercari Credits. Once you have completed this, you will be taken to the shipping section. Here, you have to enter your shipping address and other contact details. This is the final step of the buying process from Mercari. Once the app has successfully received your order, you will be notified via email.

Is Mercari Safe to Buy From?

Customers often hesitate before registering themselves upon the Mercari App. It is right to be skeptical of online shopping platforms, as a lot of them turn out to be scams. However, the Mercari App is not one of them, and it is a perfectly safe service that does regular security checks. The app has been downloaded more than 45 million times since its initial launch. This definitely means that the app has had hundreds of positive reviews and overall good feedback. The users, including both the buyers and sellers, are satisfied with Mercari’s services.

Helpful Tips to Remember When Buying From Mercari

The Selling Process on Mercari

You can sell almost anything on Mercari. From, electronics, to furniture and clothing items. However, you should first take a look at what the top sellers are currently displaying on their pages. The demand for a certain product can fluctuate depending on the season, change in trends, or social events. For example, it would not prove to be fruitful to try selling swimwear in January. You could switch to warmer clothing or something different altogether.

Now comes the question of where to introduce your product. That depends on how wide you want to go to reach an audience. Perhaps, your item could attract local buyers and you will not need to reach out so far. To attract buyers, put a catchy description under your product. Make sure the uses and basic measurements are stated. If you are selling used items, include any faults in the product in its description. This prevents any backlash from customers who expected something in a better condition than it was.

After this, you should decide upon a suitable price. Think of an accurate range according to the current market prices of the product. Mercari does not have a listing fee but once your sales start, it will keep 10% of the sale price. Keep this in mind when you set the price so your efforts do not go to waste. Under the selling price, you will also see the shipping fee and whether or not you have opted for Mercari’s shipping label. Once you are satisfied with everything, click ‘list’. Now all you have to do is wait for buyers. Turn on your notifications so you do not miss any potential messages from customers.

Pack your item carefully and remember to cushion it in case it is breakable. You will have three business days to ship the item. If you are finding it difficult to attract buyers, try lowering your price. Mercari will not charge you anything for promoting your product, all you have to do is lower the price. Once your item is sold, Mercari will put a label on it so people can see it is out of stock.

How Users Review Mercari’s Services

Helpful Tips to Remember When Buying From Mercari

The Mercari  is a hundred percent legitimate service and it is extremely detailed and easy to understand. These facts have not gone unnoticed by users. It offers sellers an option to track the items they have shipped until it has been delivered. As the platform is trusted, you do not need to worry about getting paid. Allow a three-day window before the money gets added to your account. From here, you can choose to transfer it to your bank account so you can withdraw your earnings.

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Mercari also lets you display your products without paying an additional promotion fee. It takes the hassle out of making sales transactions, and makes business fun and productive. As both a buyer and seller, you will get notifications and emails regarding every stage of the items you have shipped or ordered. There is also the fact that you do not have to meet anyone or set up the payment yourself. Mercari does it all for you. The reviews on Mercari’s official app are only viewable by people who have completed purchases, this makes the reviews more trust-worthy and reliable.

Helpful Tips to Remember When Buying From Mercari
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