Difficulties in purchasing Japanese goods on your own
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Difficulties in purchasing Japanese goods on your own

The demand for ordering Japanese goods has been increasing rapidly in Vietnam. Because Japanese goods always ensure the factors of price, quality, durability,… With the growth of the internet and technology, barriers between countries have been moved. Nowadays, consumers often buy Japanese goods online via e-commerce websites. However, not everyone knows how to buy Japanese goods and ship by themselves. Understand customer’s concerns, this article is gonna help you purchase Japanese goods easily from reputable websites.

Difficulties in purchasing Japanese goods on your own

Recently, there are no Japanese websites supporting ship goods overseas. Therefore, to purchase products on e-commerce Japanese websites, you have to have an address in Japan. If you don’t have acquaintances living or working in japan to help you buy the products, you can’t purchase anything. This is the biggest obstacle when making self-purchase.

Difficulties in purchasing Japanese goods on your own

Besides it, purchasing process at Japanese websites is not easy. You will meet some problems:

  • Different languages lead to difficulties in reading information about items and sellers.
  • You must have an international payment card and enough money on it to pay for the order
  • Complicated customs procedures
  • Japanese websites do not support shipping overseas. Therefore, you must have a delivery address and phone number in Japan

How to buy from Japan and ship to your country?

In addition to the above obstacles, self-ordering Japanese goods also have many difficulties in choosing reputable products and sellers. However, it is not too difficult for you to buy the desired products.

Nowadays, the growth of proxy service providers and e-commerce websites has helped significantly customers buying from Japan. So what is different between these services:

  • For proxy service companies, you need to find the item on e-commerce Japanese websites. Then send the item’s ULR to a proxy service provider for a quotation. For this method, you will encounter many obstacles as these companies only work office hours so it’s impossible if you want to see product prices and surcharges outside this time.
  • Unlike the method above, the establishment of e-commerce platforms allows Vietnamese to buy Japanese products easily. You can directly see the product price, surcharges at any time. In addition, the surcharges are very public and transparent, you can be assured of the accuracy of these fees. The operation is also quite simple like an e-commerce platform in your own country.

4 easy steps to buy from Japan with Ezbuy

Step 1: Register an account and search for items

Access website: ezbuy.jp and sign up for an account. After that, enter the delivery address in Vietnam. Then, you can type the item’s name or paste the item’s link on the search bar.

Step 2: Place orders and make payment

After choosing your desire goods, you start purchasing. You have to pay 100% item’s value. You can pay with 3 payment methods at Ezbuy

Difficulties in purchasing Japanese goods on your own

>>> Learn more at: Payment methods at Ezbuy

Step 3: Pay for the rest

After the item arrives Ezbuy warehouse in Japan, you need to choose a transport company and pay for the rest fee such as shipping fee and surcharge ( if occurred ). After that, we will ship goods directly to you.

Step 4: Receive your item

At this step, you only need to wait and receive your package delivered

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Every order difficulty becomes easier with Ezbuy service. If you have any questions, please contact us via email: support@ezbuy.jp

Difficulties in purchasing Japanese goods on your own
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