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The best websites to buy from Japan online

Japanese products are always highly reviewed for their quality and design. Therefore, ”made in Japan” products are always consumer’s favorites. However, in the market, countless fake products are mixed to sell at higher prices. Shoppers still have many worries before purchasing. Hence, buying products directly from Japan has become a safer and preferred way for consumers. So If you are looking to buy from japan online, let’s consider this article to find out the answer.

Japan online shopping sites


Amazon is a giant marketplace for Japanese products. The products here are incredibly diverse, from new to used items. If you spend time searching for items, you might get unique products at a good deal.

The Amazon Japan Shipping Process Regarding the US


Rakuten is the place where you can simplify the shopping process, save time and money. You can get everything you want from here. Furthermore, Rakuten is equally compared with Alibaba of Jack Ma.


This is a website specializing in fashion from Japan. If you are a shopaholic in fashion, don’t miss this website. Recently, Zozo has provided hundreds of thousands of clothing styles, from more than 1600 providers.

Best websites to buy Japanese products


The products sold at Nissen are incredibly diversified and plentiful, they specialize in fashion, beauty, household, the interior… In contrast to, which focuses on high-end fashion items, Nissen offers affordable fashion items. Both quality and price are reasonable for customers.


According to statistics, consumer’s favorites are electronic products such as air-conditioners, fridges… So if you are one of those consumers, let’s discover!


First of all, The products on yahoo shopping are highly valued for the quality and design. At Yahoo shopping, you can buy any products according to your favorite and need. Secondly, The prices are also affordable and suit customer demands. Thirdly, Yahoo shopping is considered one of the largest and most reputable Japanese online shopping sites. Therefore, in recent years, Yahoo shopping has attracted a large number of consumers around the world.

Besides it, you can take a look at some other Japanese shopping websites depending on the fields, to help you choose the right items to buy such as: general shopping websites, Japanese purchasing websites at the same price, cosmetic websites, home appliances websites, electronic websites,…

7. Mercari

Mercari is one of the leading shopping sites in Japan, allows customers to buy plenty of items from fashion, accessories, watches, electronics… the uniqueness of Mercari is the” bargaining” feature. Therefore, customers can negotiate with the sellers at a good deal.

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How to buy Japanese products at low prices

Recently, some Japanese shopping websites have not shipped to other countries. To buy goods from these e-commercial websites, you must have a delivery address and phone number in Japan.

Moreover, purchasing still requires shoppers many other factors like account, international payment card, shipping methods… Hence, you will face difficulties when buying products without living in Japan.

However, you should not be worried, with the Ezbuy shopping proxy service, we help you solve all of these above problems. Ezbuy is a reputable website, specializing in buying Japanese products on behalf of our customers. Ezbuy has a head office in Japan, provides the best service for import good to your country.

Option 1: Buying Japanese hand-carried goods

This is not a new way to buy Japanese products. You can have your relatives or friends living in Japan buy and find a carrier company to ship for you. You can consider the shipping service of Ezbuy.
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Option 2: Self-purchased

You can have a cargo company buy products for you in Japan. With this method, you need to send the product’s URL to the company and then wait for their quotation.

Best websites to buy Japanese products

Option 3: Self-purchased on e-commercial websites

You can easily purchase Japanese goods via an e-commercial website like Ezbuy. The difference between Ezbuy and other shopping proxy companies is that you can directly search for your items on the website. Those items are Items on well-known websites such as Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Mercari,… you can totally set your mind at rest about the product’s quality, transparency prices, and the best shipping fee. Besides it, customers can estimate the final price of the product when arriving at your hand by the estimation tool from Ezbuy.

If you have any questions, please contact Ezbuy via email:

The best websites to buy from Japan online
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