A complete guide for beginner on Yahoo Auction Japan
Yahoo Auction

A complete guide for beginner on Yahoo Auction Japan

If you are a fan of Japanese goods, so you must have heard about Yahoo Auction Japan. This is an online website for auction and buying items. However, this website is only active in Japan. It is difficult for international customers to make purchases on this website. So how to auction on Yahoo Japan? In this article, Ezbuy will guide you in detail on how to use Yahoo auction Japan.

1. Ezbuy’s auction and shopping proxy service on Yahoo Auction Japan

Yahoo Japan is well-known shopping online website in Japan. Most of the goods here are used or bought new but the owner wants to pass it because there is no need to use it.

There is no accident that customers use auction service on Yahoo Japan from a third party. Because Yahoo Japan is only working in Japan and for Japanese people. Difficult policies in payment and delivery of goods to overseas have much trouble for sellers. You must use the Yahoo auction proxy service from third parties like Ezbuy. This proxy service helps you to auction and shop easily on Yahoo Japan. You can also ask your relatives or friends to help you to purchase and ship it to you. But not everyone has a relationship in Japan.

When using Ezbuy’s Yahoo auction proxy service, customers won’t worry about international payment and delivery. The risks of payment, losing goods, customs clearance is also guaranteed. With professional and low-cost services as well as fast delivery time, Ezbuy will help you quickly get your item with a good deal.

2. Why should you choose the Yahoo auction Japan proxy service from Ezbuy?

a. Full service

Customers won’t worry about account issues, payment risks, clearance, transportation… Ezbuy will take care of all. Customers only need to perform placing a bid and confirming the order with Ezbuy. Ezbuy will help you to do the rest of the payment and logistics in Japan.

b. Easy and convenient with a multi-language interface and automatic price estimator tool

No more headaches and confusion with product descriptions in Japanese, Customer can use Ezbuy’s translation function to translate from Japanese to their own language. In addition, with the estimation tool, shoppers can estimate the item’s final price to consider whether to buy or not.

c. Buying international goods easily

Unlike the traditional Yahoo auction proxy services, customers will mainly contact with support department. Ezbuy’s auction proxy service provides an e-commerce website to connect with customers. Still buying items from Yahoo Japan, but customers will perform every step about actively bidding, paying, confirming, and receiving goods. Customers will know about product information such as: pending status, package’s location, expected delivery time… Everything will be on the ezbuy.jp website.

d. Low service fee

Currently, if you research other firms in the market, you will see the average auction fee ranged from 7-10% of the item’s value. But only with 500 yen, you can get your favorite items on Yahoo auction.

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3. Usage guide and fee for using Ezbuy’s service on Yahoo auction Japan

For traditional company, customer needs to contact with them and listen to the assistant on purchase and service fees, and if you want to place a bid, you need to send item’s ULR to their customer support staff. That will be very annoying if you are not supported in time. Because Yahoo auction Japan is usually in session, if you don’t pay attention, you will miss or lose the auction.

However, the birth of the Ezbuy e-commerce website has completely overcome the above disadvantages, opened a new era of easy, convenient, and fast auction. We connect with customers via the Ezbuy website. Customers can actively purchase and pay for orders any time and anywhere.

A. Auction process on Yahoo auction Japan 

– Step 1: Register account on Ezbuy

To use Ezbuy’s Yahoo auction service, you need to register for an account. Access to ezbuy.jp website and sign up for an account for the following guidelines.

Fill in the full name, phone number, email to verify for account

– Step 2: Search for an item and join in the auction 

You can search for the item by typing the item’s name or selecting recommended items. Or you can paste the item’s link from the original yahoo auction website to Ezbuy’s search bar.

Note: Before bidding on any items, you need to read carefully the item’s description and seller’s information After finding your favorite item, you start to place a bid or use the‘’ snipe it now’’ feature. You need to pay higher than the current price and one minimum price increment. Wait until the end of the auction, if you are the highest bidder, you will become the winner and can purchase that item. In one auction, a buyer can bid multiple times and the new price is higher than the old one.

Sniper bid is a bidding feature on Yahoo auction but not immediately. When using sniper bid, your bidding price will be kept until 5 minutes before the end of the auction. Snipe bid helps customers to bid on Yahoo auction Japan but does not pay immediately to avoid pushing the item’s price up compared to its real value.

Snipe bid is applied for competitive items and buyers have little time to watch

– Step 3: Pay for the first charge 

After winning the auction, your order will be on ‘’ Winning bids’’ and waiting for payment. You can pay for the order buy Ez Points or pay directly by Credit card or PayPal.

– Step 4: Pay for the second charge and receive the item

After some days since the first payment, your item will arrive Ezbuy warehouse in Japan. You will have to choose an international shipping method. Your package will be weighed and quoted for international shipping. You can pay the second charge and confirm via our system. After that, the package will be arranged and delivered to your address

B. Usage fees

One order from overseas to your country will have the following fees:

(1) Item’s price (include taxes and domestic shipping fee)

(2) International shipping fee (fee depends on each carrier)

(3) Service fee: 300 yen for service fee and 200 yen for the payment fee

(4) Optional fees (insurance, consolidation, photo, checking services…)

For order on Yahoo Auction, we have:

Final price = Item’s price (Tax + domestic shopping fee) + Service fee + International shipping fee

Above is the information about Yahoo Auction proxy service. To have more understanding about Ezbuy’s service please contact Ezbuy via email: support@ezbuy.jp for support

A complete guide for beginner on Yahoo Auction Japan
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